MUSIC x GREEN creates more visibility for organisations and initiatives that make the music industry greener, less impactful on the climate and ecology, and more sustainable overall. 🌱

It was launched in Berlin on Friday 20 December, 2019 at noon, coinciding with the usual kick-off time for Fridays For Future rallies. πŸš€

For submissions, please click on the Submit a project button at the top. They may be your own or any other noteworthy project that is making the music industry a greener place. πŸ“¬

MUSIC x GREEN is a project of MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE, a newsletter and blog about innovation in music. It is run by Bas Grasmayer. If you have any feedback about the site's content or functionality, write me on Twitter or email me at bas~(at)~musicxtechxfuture~(dot)~com. πŸ’š

Read the MUSIC x GREEN launch announcement.


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